Odoo solutions that help you scale your healthcare or hi-tech enterprise

Don’t overpay for features you don’t need.

Get a customized plan that fits your business – all done for you

Don't waste money on the wrong Odoo implementation

Almost every company I speak to struggles to make their Odoo system work for them.

I bet you’re, too.

Thing is…

With the wrong strategy, Odoo can become a complete nightmare.

Simple tasks that took minutes to perform turn into hours spent trying to debug errors.

The platform starts breaking every time you try to perform even a simple action, slowing down your business and forcing you to search for new solutions.

This is usually when developers suggest adding customizations…

Which just ends up making your Odoo bill so expensive you start cursing the moment you decided to implement this platform.

Which is a shame…

Because Odoo can be the perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to make their processes more efficient.

The good news is, it’s not hard for me to take a look at your business and come up with an Odoo implementation that saves you time and money.

That’s the best part about Odoo:

With the right strategy, you can simplify complex tasks with one click, optimize processes and avoid wasting resources…

All within one platform that doesn’t cost a fortune and offers a stellar ROI.

The hard part is understanding where Odoo fits within your business.

Which is where I come in.

If you have an established 7-figure hi-tech or healthcare business, and you’re looking to implement Odoo or to make it work for your business… I can likely help you save time and money creating a customized solution.

Just like I did for some of the clients below:

What Implementing A Customized Odoo Solution Can Do For Your Business

Medical Device Company

Before partnering with us, they had built a leading brand with an established market share and an expanding product range. Nonetheless, they faced challenges scaling because they lacked a centralized business management system.

After conducting a comprehensive business account audit, I crafted a plan to introduce Odoo inside their business structure, all while addressing the foundational barriers that hindered their scalability, such as inefficient trackability, slow deliveries and resource wastes.

The Results:

Cut time spent on reports by a factor of 4 and 3% increase in labour productivity.

Electronic Device Company

Before working together, they had tried working with other Odoo partners, achieving some level of optimization. However, they encountered difficulties in making the system work efficiently for their business and achieving their desired KPIs.

After a detailed analysis, I found the Odoo implementation to have been bloated with unnecessary modules that weren’t needed for this particular business. Once we streamlined their new ERP, and implemented a robust testing framework and a gradual application process, we were able to get Odoo to simplify many repetitive tasks and unlock the next level of scale for this company.

The Results:

Eliminated missed expiration dates that resulted in economic wastes and achieved a 100% trackability of purchase orders. ​

10+ years making B2B businesses more efficient and scalable

Audrius Grinys

Hey, I'm Audrius Grinys.

I'm a Odoo consultant and official Odoo partner who has one goal:

Help companies like yours leverage Odoo so they can simplify business processes and scale faster with this powerful tool.

I've worked for some of the biggest healthcare and electronic devices manufacturers all over the world, and have implemented dozens of custom solutions for all sorts of business problems.

All that to say, if you’re looking to get the best ROI with your Odoo system — look no further. Because no one gives you the same attention and business acumen like I do.

But don’t take my word for it…

It was a true pleasure working with you on the Odoo ERP project at Polimaster. Your dedication and expertise were evident in every step of the project. We are so grateful for the exceptional contribution you've made. 🥂

Polimaster Europe

Manufacturing of radiation measuring instruments

An expert who understands your healthcare or hi-tech business

Unlike many Odoo consultants, I focus on ONE specific market – healthcare or hi-tech. With 13 years of working in these markets, I understand their business needs and how Odoo can help them achieve their business goals faster and more efficiently.

No jargon. Just simple explanations

Forget consultants who get into your code without explaining what is going on. With me, you will have a clear view of what is happening with your Odoo implementation throughout the whole process, all without using technical jargon.

Never wait days for a reply

I strive for quality over quantity – which is why I only take 5 new clients every quarter. This ensures that you’ll have my full availability in case you have any questions or a problem arises.

My process to turn Odoo into your powerhouse is simple and efficient

1. Get clear on your business needs for Odoo

Like my grandmother used to say, “haste makes waste”.

The #1 thing before implementing Odoo is to understand what you need it for. 

Once we get clear on that, we can create an optimized Odoo implementation plan to help you achieve your business goals.

2. Test the Odoo Enterprise Resource platform

Now that we’ve come up with a clear plan, we need to test if it’s actually working the way we intended it.

This is why we will first run some simulations before we get into the technical implementation.

3. Offer ongoing support and optimization

Once we implement your system, I won’t disappear and leave you to handle any issue that should arise with your Odoo implementation.

I’ll always be one text or email away to make sure your plan works for your business, and to optimize it in case your needs change over time.

What the first steps look like

  • Discovery call

    First, we need to learn if your company is a good fit and if we can actually hit your goals.

    Book a call with us at zero cost & no commitment.

  • Audit

    I will audit your documents and business structure, and provide my brutally honest opinion on what features of Odoo you need and which one you don't.

  • Onboarding

    We hold another call to discuss the findings, and if you’re good fit we’ll discuss what the next steps look like.

Before you move on, just know that I only work with companies that:

  1. Have already clearly defined business goals

  2. Are making at least $2M/year

  3. Have a clear communication structure in place

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1 – How many companies do you work with at one time?

I only work with 5 new companies per quarter. This is to ensure I provide a 100% custom approach to your project and allocate the time necessary to your needs.

2 – Will you train my team to use Odoo?

Of course. Implementing Odoo can feel scary at first, but with my modular approach, your team will quickly integrate the new system in their day-to-day tasks without too much effort.

3 – How long does the implementation process take?

This depends on the type of project. But typically, you can expect to have a fully functioning Odoo implementation within 12 weeks.

4 – Will we be able to manage all the company’s business processes from one software?

Yes, that’s the beauty of Odoo. Once you implement this system in your business, you’ll be able to perform any action and track its status from one single platform.